Preparation Tips for Written Exam

Preparation Tips for Written Exam

                  If you are preparing for written exam of any competitive exam/entrance exam or applying for any job, then you are at the right place. Here we are suggesting you important tips which every candidate must apply during his/her preparation. Consider these tips strongly these will definitely benefit you in getting success in your exam.

Preparation Materiel -
                 The aspirants must study from latest and update study materiel. The preparation books must cover the latest exam pattern and exam syllabus. Preparation books plays a major role in any candidate success.

Exam pattern -
                For every exam, there is a specific exam pattern like number of questions in the exam, number of sections, exam duration, provision of negative marking or not, nature of exam (subjective, objective or both). The candidate must considered all these factors in mind during his preparation and during giving the exam. Preparing yourself according to the exam pattern not according to the books will help you in fetching more marks.

Time - Table -
               A dedicated preparation time table will definitely increase the probability of success in any exam. Students should follow a pre planned time table and divide their study hours in different subjects and accordingly cover all the subjects and topics.

Importance of Revision -
             Revision of concepts/chapters/formulas and definition is very much important. generally students must keep revising their chapters with in every 2 months during their preparation.

Self - preparatory notes -
      Self preparatory notes increases your confidence and build your fundamentals more clear
and strong. This will definitely increase your success in your exam

Expert guidance -

       expert guidance is must for any exam preparation, along with the expert guidance
students must solve previous year papers and do some mock test papers also.


  1. Carefully read and follow all the instruction given in the exam paper. 
  2. Don't overestimate and don't underestimate the exam paper, always remember that every candidate get the same exam paper. If the exam paper is easy then it is easy for everyone and if it is difficult then it is difficult for everyone.
  3. Don't stuck to any question for long period of time. If you became confused and stuck in between then leave that question and jump to another question.
  4. Always attempt your strongest section or the type of question in which you are strong. 
  5. Always believe in your preparation and yourself and have faith that you can crack the paper.

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